“If your pictures are not good enough, you are not close enough.”

Robert Capa

Welcome to bullfinch photography page.

I developed some personal principles that I had always followed and I’d love if majority of my readers will find it adequate and simply true.

Bullfinch principles are easy: be positive, be unique, be smart and be rapidly-responding on a fast changing environment.

I mostly specialize on a travel and street photography, I love to reflect life in my images as is, people and their way of life, my target is to be more natural in pictures about the people and their candid emotions. I can bring bunch of the artworks from my trips and can bring none – just a snapshots, the photography like as any other art can’t be planned, it depends on my mood, mood of the people around me and other circumstances. I stand on this position and believe that it is normal. I like to shoot landscapes also but if they are really unique and interesting for me at the time of photographing and post-processing. Yes, I’m making portraiture and shoot people in their ordinary life, I love to photograph machines and their parts too – motorcycles, cars, planes and trains.

I respect other people emotions, so I never shoot people when they are praying (at the time when they speak to their Gods) and crying (being in a most vulnerable emotional state). I realize that some good photos can be done in the said situations, but it’s not for me.

My goal is to make the photography you will love, to find and show a context where it is possible.

I love to see and show the unseen in a regular things that surround us day by day. I love to see something that we can’t pay enough attention on in our busy days full of routine.

I hope you will enjoy my work and I will be glad to meet new people on this page and beyond.