Simply tired

I’ve recently realised that UAE or how people usually say here – Emarati (Emirati is also can be a proper name but these two words are mostly pointed to local people) weather, and colors of Emarati weather in the meaning of photography is normaly so dull (I wrote about it in the previous post) that better solution is to desaturate the images a bit or even make some shots in black and white. It looks even more dramatic and story-telling rather than conjure with a saturaion of the whole image.

I made this shot in Deira, where the large Dhows (mostly Pakistani and Indian) – wooden cargo boats are parked with goods, they look exactly the same like hundreds years ago. This man is a regular helmsman of Abra – small wooden boat (water taxi) that shuttle between Deira and Bur Dubai stations, crossing the Dubai creek and transport tourists and residents from one side to another; for fun or for a purpose, this man doesn’t care – he just does his job.


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