I can’t get into a habit to write here often. I believe that it’s a matter of time and value of materials (i.e. photos) that I’d like to share. I wanted to write this post a long time ago, but better late than never. Today morning I made a series of snapshot on my 3gs of Indian labourers, this one below I posted on my Instagram account

I’ve noticed that people most of the time don’t pay attention when I shoot them on iPhone, just because it looks unprofessional. If I have DSLR in my hands, situation changes dramatically, some people start to protest against photos – waving their hands, or arguing to delete the shot if I had a luck to press the shutter button before, some people trying to hide or get out of a camera sight, and the rest just pose for photography (the bravest ones). Generally speaking, I don’t like when people pose, portraits became “dry” and lifeless, image looking like “passport photo” and, sadly, it’s going to a waste bin later at home. I don’t want to touch moral aspect of shooting people, taking into account their cultural and religious taboos, I respect people feelings and privacy, but that is another story.




I don’t tend to like the B&W shots very much. However, sometimes I can desaturate the shot if I think that it will make the image to look stronger.

I believe that in some sort, the shots that photographer taking is a reflection of its mood or even character. Sometimes, the image has to be in B&W, just because there is no other way to show its strength and drama. I made this shot going down on escalator in Moscow metro, honestly, I didn’t even need to make it B&W, I got it almost exactly as shown below


Moscow colors in some time of the year can be depressing, especially during cold season, it’s worth to say that Moscow almost has no color that time, everything looks truly grey and desaturated, even faces of people. It’s been over 20 years since Soviet Union ceased to exist, but most of the people still wearing dull and colourless clothing.


I’ve been to Cyprus for more than two month, from 5th March and back on 15th May. It’s nice to notice that both months start with letter M )) Nothing serious, just having some fun and put my thoughts in some sort of order. Cyprus is a great place to do it. I didn’t make any breathtaking shots there, mostly used my iphone and IG to share the snapshots around me.

I took this geometric shot in Platres, on the way back from Troodos, the highest peak of Cyprus. We’ve been there in April, but snow was still on top of the mountains. I couldn’t ever beileve if someone will tell me that Cyprus is a place for skiing, maybe not so nice as a slope is quite short.


Image taken with iphone 3GS, I applied clarity filter in snapseed and earlybird in Instagram.

I hoped that WP will make some improvements for wp.com users – I desperately need wider free theme. Unfortunately, nothing happened while I was away.

I probably need to buy the premium theme or start studying CSS on the matter “how to enlarge my blog field” – I didn’t ever think about it, my shrinked photos below look pitiful.

Jordanian grandpas

I made this shot during our second visit to Jordan. Unfortunately, this is the only shot I made with people, but I think it’s not a bad one.¬†We had a full day to see the Jordanian capital despite it was hot (in June).

I found these interesting men in the streets of Amman on our way to Amman Citadel, but the most interesting about them is what they do in the streets. I didn’t see any customers with them but looks like they manually polish a shoes. Incredible! Impossible to see anything similar in UAE or maybe in Europe even (except museums of course). But here, you can see them, shoot them and even talk to them!

Sometimes I think that modern lifestyle has changed our world, life principles (how we live) and professions (what we do) significantly. Nobody tend to have a dirty and hard job, except they forced to do it. Almost all people nowadays want to be a lawyers, doctors or do some other stuff sitting in the comfortable offices and drive a sports cars. I didn’t see anybody younger than these elderly men doing the same job in the streets. It seems like this profession will dissappear after these grandpas will leave the world of living.