Say “Om mani padme hum” my son

Buddha eye

Boudhanath Stupa. Is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu. More photos from this place will be here soon.




The First, but The Second

Well, after long meditation and thinking I greatly realize importance and indisputable necessity to make something personal. Many people write in the blogs nowadays and many people started doing so a long-time ago, some have personal websites, microblogs etc. I’m not an exception, I have something to say and I have something to show. I’m not really sure how to start to write, what exactly can be a proper beginning of something interesting and which point I have to start from. I believe that this part, I mean the beginning is the most difficult one, as one old proverb says that a good beginning is a half the battle. Hopefully my beginning is a good one.

Sleeping dogs from my trip to Kathmandu in Oct-Nov 2010. It was chilly morning and these Nepali pets are trying to retain some warmth and have enough sleep before one more hungry day will begin.