I’ve been to Cyprus for more than two month, from 5th March and back on 15th May. It’s nice to notice that both months start with letter M )) Nothing serious, just having some fun and put my thoughts in some sort of order. Cyprus is a great place to do it. I didn’t make any breathtaking shots there, mostly used my iphone and IG to share the snapshots around me.

I took this geometric shot in Platres, on the way back from Troodos, the highest peak of Cyprus. We’ve been there in April, but snow was still on top of the mountains. I couldn’t ever beileve if someone will tell me that Cyprus is a place for skiing, maybe not so nice as a slope is quite short.


Image taken with iphone 3GS, I applied clarity filter in snapseed and earlybird in Instagram.

I hoped that WP will make some improvements for users – I desperately need wider free theme. Unfortunately, nothing happened while I was away.

I probably need to buy the premium theme or start studying CSS on the matter “how to enlarge my blog field” – I didn’t ever think about it, my shrinked photos below look pitiful.


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