Jordanian grandpas

I made this shot during our second visit to Jordan. Unfortunately, this is the only shot I made with people, but I think it’s not a bad one.¬†We had a full day to see the Jordanian capital despite it was hot (in June).

I found these interesting men in the streets of Amman on our way to Amman Citadel, but the most interesting about them is what they do in the streets. I didn’t see any customers with them but looks like they manually polish a shoes. Incredible! Impossible to see anything similar in UAE or maybe in Europe even (except museums of course). But here, you can see them, shoot them and even talk to them!

Sometimes I think that modern lifestyle has changed our world, life principles (how we live) and professions (what we do) significantly. Nobody tend to have a dirty and hard job, except they forced to do it. Almost all people nowadays want to be a lawyers, doctors or do some other stuff sitting in the comfortable offices and drive a sports cars. I didn’t see anybody younger than these elderly men doing the same job in the streets. It seems like this profession will dissappear after these grandpas will leave the world of living.


Sharjah sunset

That is how day of 9th November 2011 ended. Spectacular sunset, rare view, seriously.

You will never truly value something until you miss it. I saw similar sunset almost everyday when I was kid and lived in Russia, but I never put enough attention on how the sunset can be so beautiful, even this one.

Simply tired

I’ve recently realised that UAE or how people usually say here – Emarati (Emirati is also can be a proper name but these two words are mostly pointed to local people) weather, and colors of Emarati weather in the meaning of photography is normaly so dull (I wrote about it in the previous post) that better solution is to desaturate the images a bit or even make some shots in black and white. It looks even more dramatic and story-telling rather than conjure with a saturaion of the whole image.

I made this shot in Deira, where the large Dhows (mostly Pakistani and Indian) – wooden cargo boats are parked with goods, they look exactly the same like hundreds years ago. This man is a regular helmsman of Abra – small wooden boat (water taxi) that shuttle between Deira and Bur Dubai stations, crossing the Dubai creek and transport tourists and residents from one side to another; for fun or for a purpose, this man doesn’t care – he just does his job.

Once in Dubai

I made this shot in April this year (I can’t believe that time is running so fast, seems like it was yesterday), luckily I got it on Friday – on a local public holiday, happily I had a camera with me, fortunately I had a tripod as well. Such a spectacular sunset (true for UAE) is not quote frequent event for this country, especially for spring when nature is preparing for oven-like or hell-like summer. Nobody look up most of the time during summer for at least two reasons: a) cruel sun can burn your eyes (I’m serious) and b) dull skies. Boring ever-blue skies every single day, except winter and fall. I’m waiting for a winter so much like nobody on this planet. I’m waiting for a cool season simply because winter will bring clouds that I miss so much, cold weather that I love so much and rain that I hated so much before I came here )

The First, but The Second

Well, after long meditation and thinking I greatly realize importance and indisputable necessity to make something personal. Many people write in the blogs nowadays and many people started doing so a long-time ago, some have personal websites, microblogs etc. I’m not an exception, I have something to say and I have something to show. I’m not really sure how to start to write, what exactly can be a proper beginning of something interesting and which point I have to start from. I believe that this part, I mean the beginning is the most difficult one, as one old proverb says that a good beginning is a half the battle. Hopefully my beginning is a good one.

Sleeping dogs from my trip to Kathmandu in Oct-Nov 2010. It was chilly morning and these Nepali pets are trying to retain some warmth and have enough sleep before one more hungry day will begin.